Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The only me

Being the only child has their pro and contra..The best thing is I don’t have to share my things with any of my siblings because I don’t have one..And my parents will pay their full attention on me..Besides I admit that I’ll get anything that I want from my parents..But when I’m getting older, sometimes it’s difficult for me to share my belongings with other people..Slowly I’ve to face it..And now I used to it..erm actually I prefer to have brothers or sisters than being alone..It’s quite boring..I don’t have anyone to share my secrets with..Of course my parents can listen to all my stories but it is different when we tell it to average age people..They understand us better..

5 of us

Kat UITM dpt geng y sgt best n sume 1 kepala..kitorunk 5 Nina Biha Ezi and Dayang..sume ade character sndiri..mcm2 ragam lah kitorunk niey..if lepak same2 xsah if xgelak..happy mcm biase la as a human being everyone has their own bad attitude..stakat gadoh in friendship tu normal la..Husband and wife pown blh gadoh apetah lg kawan kan..

Nuraina Hanis

Hurm time2 puase nak dekat raye niey tibe2 pulak teringat kat best die Nuraina Hanis..we’ve been friends for 8 die study kat Kolej Shahputra Kuantan, Pahang..she’s a very happy-go-lucky person and a good listener..bile die bckp plak mcm gune microfon je..kuat gile..bile die xde or xdtg class ke mmg sunyi je la class..sayang sgt kat die..ktorunk dah mcm adik beradik..slalu ikut pg holiday la balik kg la..sleep over kat rmh tu jgn ckp la..mmg dah byk kali..smpaikan sume relatives die pown dah kenal..mmg sgt best kwn dgn die..1 more thing die niey sgt ramai peminat..ade je org y minat die if pg tue sume cite dah kurang rapat sket..may be study jauh kot..but still if semester break je kitorunk mst akan jumpe and hang out same2..

About me

I’m Hafiza Hazmy..

I was born in Terengganu on 7th October 1990..

The only child..

Currently studying at UITM Segamat Johor..

Taking Investment Analysis (Part 3)..


Blogging?urgh I hate blogging.. Even though it’s like a trend now I’m still not interested in it..I don’t know why, may be I’m too lazy to update it every day or I don’t like to share story of my life with other people..Since I got an assignment that asked me to have a blog I have to do it no matter what..So to Miss Nur Huda thanks for teaching me how to have a blog.. Same goes to Ain too.. Because she had taught me everything about blogging..

air soya

mee hoon soto



air tebu

Fasting month

Since now in a fasting month I think it’s not too late to wish everyone ‘Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan’..Thank you to Allah because give me a chance to celebrate fasting month this year..This year is my second year celebrating fasting month in Johor because now I’m studying at UITM Segamat..We have bazaar Ramadan here with lots type of food, but my favourite food for fasting month is ‘laksa’, mee hoon soto, karipap, soya bean and tebu..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

testing..testing 123...